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Work Shop Pole Buildings

John Malchow Construction quality constructed work shops Pole Building Shop.

John Malchow Construction work shops at a fair price Metal Building Shop with Pole Construction.

John Malchow Construction work shops that are of the highest quality Multi-purpose Pole Building office and Shop.

Metal Shops that meet your requirement

Whether you like to relax in your shop, fix things, build projects, or anything else; we have a pole building for you.

Electricity, lighting and insulation are only part of a list of what you need. We realize you have a budget and we will work with you to stay with in that budget.

When you choose John Malchow Construction, we will create a shop that meets your vision of the ideal work area. It will be constructed of the highest quality materials and built to meet your expectations.

Call us today and we'll make your dream shop happen.


John Malchow Construction work shops constructed of quality materials Large Commercial Pole Building Shops.

John Malchow Construction work shops of quality materials Large Pole Building.